Full Report and Interview: Wimborne 3-2 Gosport

In a busy Christmas period, the Magpies had previously beaten Poole Town 5-2 on Boxing Day and drawn away at Dorchester 1-1 on Saturday. Despite looming above the relegation zone, Wimborne came out on top by beating Gosport Borough 3-2 at the Koolpak Stadium with an attendance of 451 on New Years Day.

Manager Matty Holmes sent out a strong starting eleven but had to make a late change when key defender Matty Oldring was announced unfit to play minutes before kickoff. Toby Holmes netted two goals for the Magpies before being substituted off because of a minor injury, and ex Wimborne goalkeeper Patrick O’Flaherty stood tall in Gosport’s goal trying to deny his former team-mates from scoring.

However, it would be striker Toby Holmes who was first on the scoresheet on the 9th minute when a lofted pass was played from Luke Burbidge and allowed Toby to lightly chip the ball over Patrick to make it 1-0. Gosport responded on the 15th minute when fullback Harry Medway played a low cross to winger Patrick Suraci who slotted the ball slightly wide to the left. A minute later ,there was a sense of relief from the home fans when Wimborne’s captain Billy Maybury magically cleared the ball off the line from George Barker’s original header towards goal.

Running on the right wing Luke Burbidge struck the ball towards Patrick which was parried out to the open Toby Holmes, who was all left by himself as unusually he scored this time not with his foot but his head to extend Wimborne’s lead to 2-0 on the 20th minute. Four minutes later Burbidge played a through ball to Toby who fired again from the right side but Patrick O’Flaherty had no problem with saving the oncoming shot heading towards the inside post.

Gosport’s captain Tony Lee was stretchered off shortly after, and was replaced by Gosport’s manager Craig MCallister. Before the break Gosport’s striker Ryan Pennery eagerly stood inside the box as he volleyed the ball from a cross but placed the shot wide to the left.

With the second half underway it looked clear that Toby Holmes couldn’t continue to play anymore due to an earlier collision with Gosport’s keeper. Wimborne’s star striker, who was on a hat-trick, was replaced by young Aidan Shepherd who would now get 40 minutes under his belt. The 51st minute saw Aidan Shepherd run into the box but he was brought down from a fair tackle by defender Sam Roberts whilst many supporters were shouting for a penalty.

On 62 minutes, midfielder Luke Holmes struck his shot towards Patrick from outside the box as again it was parried out, but this time the ball had rebounded to winger Curtis Young who darted and tapped in the rebounded shot to give Wimborne a pleasing 3-0 lead. Enjoying a 3-0 lead may have impacted Wimborne’s mentality of sitting back, but playing at this level it’s crucial to be on the alert throughout the whole 90 minutes.

Gosport exposed the hosts when substitute David Jerrard slotted the ball past Gerrard Benfield to the bottom right corner on the 75th minute. Five minutes later Ryan Pennery finally got his goal when he tapped the ball in from a low cross. Losing a 3 goal lead was almost near but Wimborne managed to switch on and prevent Gosport from scoring their 3rd. The Magpies finished the game achieving the much needed 3 points before heading over to play against Frome Town this oncoming Saturday. We hope to see many of you there!

Wimborne: Benfield, Penny, Maybury (Capt), Davidson, Francis (Douglas 90), Pettefer, Clarke, Young, T.Holmes (Shepherd 48), Burbidge, L.Holmes.

Unused subs: Collins, Owen

Max Emes reporting.