Minutes from the Fans forum

Wimborne Town FC’s first fans forum of the new season was held last night and we’d like to thank everyone who took part. Below are just a few of the announcements and developments discussed.

New signings and players

Matty on Aidan Shepherd

He’s a real talent for such a young boy and he’s going to progress and become a real handful for opposition teams.

Signing a new goalkeeper

It’s top of our list and something we’re working to sort. We’ve had a look at a few goalkeepers in pre-season.

Signing released AFCB youth players

It depends on the individual [if they see us as a stepping stone to higher divisions], O’ Connell didn’t want to commit to the club and that’s fine. We have to get the right character in, but we might have to sacrifice that to help us out in-case there’s an injury crisis or budget issue.


Commercial and Sponsorship

Graham and Lee on:

New sponsors

KoolPak have become our new main sponsor. Based in Poole, they are the UK’s largest supplier of first aid and sports injury products. The deal is for one year and the club wishes to thank John Macey for his help in getting the sponsorship.

The ground will now be known as ‘The KoolPak Stadium’.

15-20 new advertising boards are to be installed in the coming weeks.


There will be no parking charges and ticket prices will remain at the current price, as some of the cheapest in the league.

There is a 25% increase in the playing budget, we’re financially in a far better place than last season.

Coach for away games

Lee: “The intention is to go ahead and renew our partnership with Excelsior coaches and our fantastic driver Darren, once they have provided a quote. Rest assured we have a coach for the game on Saturday.”


Ground developments

Lee: “We know what’s required for improvements, the league have given us until the end of the season. We accepted promotion, we know most is achievable but don’t want to spend more than we need to on this ground to keep things ticking over.”

The third turnstile is being repaired by Scott Arnold and will be in use this season.

On the new stadium

Lee: “The frustrating thing is we’re not in control of the situation, we’re just a small clog in a big wheel.”

Work has to commence once 50% of the houses are built according to the council’s minutes. Realistically we are still 2-3 years away from a new stadium.

Ken: “Wyatt homes own the land and in effort, we have a rolling one year lease.”

On a 3G pitch

The board: “We are open to it, it’s down to Matty about how he feels. Obviously the 3G pitches don’t have a lifetime guarantee but we are fully aware of the pros and cons, as well as the financial benefits associated with having one.”

Matty: “I’m all for it, we just need to ensure we choose the right type as there are so many different grades.”


Various other news

It has been agreed that Ken Stewart will serve as Club president, whilst Tony Grant will serve as Club Chairman.

Saturday 18 August – Towncrier and Tim have a 12 hour vinyl session, £3 for a ticket. All money goes to Parkinsons charities. Please speak to Tim or access the online fan forum for further details.

Steve Rimmington is proceeding with establishing a supporters club which will help increase the funds available to Matty for players. Anyone with any fundraising ideas, would like to volunteer their services in any way or who wish to join, should contact Steve.

Clive has taken over the clubhouse and is doing a brilliant job as everyone is aware. Please help spread the word about hiring out our fantastic facilities, as the 1878 suite is very versatile and can meet the requirements for any occasion including wedding receptions, birthday parties, wakes and conferences. For any further information or bookings, contact Clive on 07464876986.


Luke Coakes and Ben Trant have taken up roles to continue to improve the clubs media presence, coinciding with our fantastic new website. Why not follow the club’s social media for all the latest news, live game updates and get involved at the following pages…


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