Verwood Town v Wimborne Town


The Magpies saw their first preseason win on Monday by thrashing Verwood 8-0 at
Potterne Park.
Steve Moore had been a popular football player who played for Christchurch,
Verwood and Wimborne during his career and unfortunately lost his fight to
cancer at the age of 32 in 2016 .Therefore to honour his career an annual match
is played every preseason as the Steve Moore trophy to commemorate his legacy
as a player and as a person off the pitch
Wimborne lifted the trophy for the second time running with an 8-0 win. Jack Lovell
exposed their defence with a great hat trick, whilst Louis Kellaway finished a great
team goal inside the box. Wimborne?s first preseason game allowed youth players
Aidan Shepherd, Ben Knight and Ed Phillips to gain some vital experience within the
first team.

It only took 14 minutes for Wimborne to make an impact within the game when Jack
Lovell perfectly executed a volley to make it 1-0. Jack wasnt afraid to show his
ability at the front of the goal again, when Louis Kellaway passed a magnificent
through ball which went onto the eager Jack, who slotted the ball under the keeper
into the net. For his hat trick Lovell had accelerated into the box with the ball, only to
be taken down for a clear penalty in the 41st minute.


Therefore Jack stood up and
scored from the spot, to give him his hat trick that he deserved and giving the team a
comfortable 3-0 lead before heading into the break.

It didnt stop there for the Magpies when it only took one minute after the break for
Wimborne to score in the 46th minute. Louis Kellaway and Jack Lovell portrayed
Wimborne’s beautiful playing style with some inspiring one to one passes which led
to Louis Kellaway, (Goal Machine) as he contributed by giving Wimborne their
fourth goal .This time the fifth goal wasnt scored by a Wimborne player but it was an
own goal by Verwoods No.14 who tried to clear a low cross but his intentions didn’t
come to reality when Wimborne were already celebrating a 5-0 lead in the 60th minute
Young 17 year old Aidan Shepherd came on to replace Stephan Penny and he made
his mark on the game in the 70th minute with a goal which made it 6-0.

One of Bournemouth’s youth academy players arrived onto the pitch to express his talent when young Connor Morrison was also fouled in the penalty area. Mahoney fired it
from the spot which ricocheted off the keeper to head in the top corner. For Verwood,
their best chance came in the 83rd minute when a corner was played for their No. 4
who had just missed the post with a great header. It was again that Aidan Shepherd
would score from another impressive through ball from Luke Burbidge which sealed
off the game as Wimborne won 8-0 at Potterne Park.
For Wimborne they achieved a great start to preseason winning comfortably 8-0
against Verwood.

Their next preseason game is against Godolphin Athletic FC based
in Newquay who play in the South West Peninsula League Premier Division.

It will
be the first time both clubs will have played against each other and it should be a test
of Wimborne’s strength when they enter an unknown territory.


Report by Max Emes